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Thursday, 2 October 2014


AUTHOR: Suzanne Collins
SERIES: The Underland Chronicles

Description: When an 11 year old boy called Gregor follows his 2 year old sister down a grate in the laundry room, he discovers an underland full of inhabitants. There, humans live uneasily beside giant rats, bats, cockroaches, scorpions and spiders. Gregor wants to get home until he discover an ancient prophecy that he plays a key part in. The success of the prophecy mean the thing Gregor wants most. Failing means doom for the underland and al who dwell there...

Gregor (A New York citizen thrust into a world of war, danger and destiny)
Boots (Gregor's little sister)
Luxa (The Underland Queen)
Vikus ( member of the underland council and Luxa's granddad)
Solovet (Luxa's nana and war department head)  
Ripred (A good rat and a rager, someone who can fight better than anyone and is done with no training. Cannot be trained to be one, must be born with the ability)
King Gorger (The rat king and the worst one of all the rats)
Henry (Luxa's cousin and a traitor to his kind)
Ares ( The bat bonded to Henry And later, Gregor)
Aurora (Luxa's bat bond and a rare golden bat)
Temp (The first creature to greet Gregor and Boots in the underland)
Mareth (An underland solider and a good friend of Gregor) 
Dulcet (A nanny and the best person EVER to care for young kids or babies)

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