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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Essay - Biologist

Have you ever thought about what you want to be when you are older? How about a Biologist? Biologists are a group of scientists who study in labs and places where there is life in general. They need some specific skill sets but it's a rewarding job in the enviroment (& helping save it!) with a pay ranging from 62K - 168K per year. You need to work for it though; A Bachelor's degree in Biological sciences or Biology is needed to take up this role.

Biologists sometimes get special tasks in marine biology, Wolf Biology! (yes, thats a real thing) Biotechnology or Immunology, but they all really lead back to the main subject, Biology. Some biologists work at sea, Some work in the forest and some even study specific animals; pointedly the Wolf Biologist. These different types of biologists help us get a better understanding of the world of life around us. We can even get a better understanding of dinosaurs!

A Biologist normally studies living organisms, but there are exceptions like Biotechnologists who study how tech can help living organisms e.g. making a robotic arm that can be controlled by the brain. They mostly study life; more specifically organisms that are related to it and the enviroment and  Biologists also study animals and the body to understand them better.

A Biologist's other work can include Agriculture to help farming and to help grow bigger and better crops, cleaning the enviroment and rivers to help trees grow and plants live longer and have more chance of survival, and also to help fish thrive and re-fill the rivers. They also help with conservation to help support endangered animals and plants in their natural enviroment. Medicine is another way they help, finding new, more effective cures to harmful diseases, and helping Industry with safe waste disposal and less contamination.

To be a Biologist you need to have a specific skill set but also a good brain. some of these skills include: Good, practical scientific skills, (it’s no good being a Immunologist when you are better suited to Wolf Biology!) An inquiring mind to ask and solve questions and equations, The ability to think clearly, and logically and a methodical approach to work.

These are just  a few of the skills and rewards of the career choice Biology. I want to do this job because I would get to study the enviroment and help figure out some of the secrets of the planet. So I ask again, “Have you ever thought about what you want to be when you are older?” I have.

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