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Friday, 20 June 2014

Rugby Game (Continued)

The whistle blew for the second half as we raced back onto the field. this time the other team kicked off to us. I grabbed it and ran a few steps, only to be brought to my knees by a tackle that came in like a missile closing in on its target. The fords blew over the top and Sam picked it up and passed it out to the backs, who ran with all their might at the opposition. we pushed but they pushed back, this time with enough force to blow us off the ball. One of their backs got the ball and sprinted as hard as he could towards the goal line. We gave chase but he was too fast. he got pass our last defence, the half back, with ease. he scored: they cheered. "SCORE!" they yelled triumphantly while we charged down the drop kick in an attempt to stop them scoring the points. This was not the end of the game though, we still had some time left. We played very hard to get the score up higher for us again, even though we were still in the lead. Kaleb got a run away goal after we used one of our calls, bath to signal that we wanted a kick. We were right in the middle of a ruck that we had held up the full time whistle blew. We had won! The score was 63-12 to us. we had keep the small wooden rugby shield once more!


  1. Great to read about your game Joe, it sounds like it was a good game with lots of excitement. It is awesome that your team still holds the shield.

  2. yippee we still have the shield.