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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Rugby game (Saturday the 31st May)

Last week we played rugby. We were going up against Green and black, the Maheno team. The first whistle blew. We kicked off to the other team a chased it down like a pack of wolves stalking a sheep. A girl from the other team picked up the ball and sprinted at us. The forwards blew over the top and stole the ball. We passed it out too the backs who charged at the opposition running and falling to place it back. Then Lachlan grabbed the ball and went for a try. He fended got tackled and… try!!! He placed it over the line and fell as he was tackled to the ground. Sam picked up the ball and kicked the conversion over the posts. By half time this had repeated a few times and some people were feeling a bit tired.


  1. Sounds like an exciting game Joseph, hope this weeks game went well too.
    Miss Tangney

  2. You made me feel like I was there watching the game Joseph. Great writing. :)