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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Choice Writing

This is part of a story I am currently writing.

The 15 Mutants

Year 2045

"Run! The zombots are coming!" The city is in panic. The zombots are coming and its all because of roboVirus mark 1.56. The only thing I can do is call the others. "Computer.exe call the other 3 great powers of the world."
Confirmed. The word scrolls across the screen. "Power one, Sebastian, here."
"Power two, Kaleb, here."
"Power three, Keane, here."
"And Power four, Joe, here. And we got trouble. Are the zombots coming for your main areas too?"
"yes" came the reply all of them. 'Oh no' I think 'the time has come.'
"The time has come. Touch the source of your power and take the experimental cure. The time to fight has come."

The battle is intense. I use my power to buy the people time. But the odds are to great. For every zombot i destroy another 3 take its place. Slowly my power fades. I feel the others power flicker then go out. My time is near too. The zombots get through and everything goes black.


  1. Great use of speech marks Joseph and good sophisticated language too.

  2. noooo very dramatic that left so many questions