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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

My Awesome Descrpitve Writing

I walked down the drive way, relying almost completely on my sence of smell. my vision was blurry but i could still get around to find my way back to the wood.
Unutuaral smells were everywhere, with only a few plants... and even they were unknown. It was like they were plants but also not plants at the same time. Other worldly.
The smell of forest was dim, but it was there and stronger down an unatural trail of stone. The only food came out of the large iron tubes lined up along the stone
path, in front of large wooden boxes that homo sapiens come out of. The big brown rectangle of wood opened then the human came out then went back in blabbering in the
normal tounge of AHHHHHHHH!!!. The sound must be a warning cry, like that of the deer and rabbits I hunt, that a predator is about so I turn away into the unnatural
stone trail. A human is there. He turns and barrels away at the sight of me. 

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