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Monday, 11 May 2015

What went well (and didn't) so far in year 7

The term has been... eventful with its highs and lows. Lets focus on the highs for now.
Science has had some interesting things in it such as: making crystals, looking at salt crystals under a microscope, made slime with coke, red bull and milk.
The ANZAC project we have been doing was also prety cool. We have to watch some videos about WWI and then write about it. It taught us about the first WW.

What I look forward:
Next Friday we get to go to tech at St Kevins Collage. The subjects for tech are wood work, sewing (prononced so-ing), cooking and art. Last time I did sewing with some of my other classmates. This time I think we are doing wood work. We are also going on science trips and we will have to write an aplication to go to one of the following: Elephant rocks, Vainshed World, the dams or the Kurow bridge.

What hasn't gone so well:
Not much really, exept for teachers giving students Red Bull without them knowing what it is.

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