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Monday, 8 June 2015

Chapter Summary Lord of the Flies

Chapter 1:
Introducing the characters and setting the scene. The boys are on a deserted island and have survived a plane crash when the plane had been shot down. The boys take names and set up on a mountain. They hold a vote and Ralph is elected leader. He is a resourceful person to have around and his only weakness is that at first he bullies Piggy. Jack is a strong person, but unlike most people has a different way of thinking. He thinks that because he is choir leader he should be the boss. Piggy is smart, but bullied because he is fat. The others should listen to him as he is the smartest. They go hunting in the forest below and find a piglet. Jack hesitates and the prey escapes. This chapter was very full of information, and showed the situation the boys were in.

Chapter 2:
The boys are at the base which they now call the platform. They make some new rules, one of which is that a conch that summoned the boys who weren’t Piggy or Ralph. The boys bully Piggy about his name and steal his glasses to make a fire. The fire is a success, but quickly goes out and sparks light up half the forest. The boys hold a discussion and the conch rule is broken. Piggy complains and is put down and patronised about his name. They then realise a boy is missing and discount him for being killed by the fire. This chapter Shows the boys are coping and that they have made some achievement on the island, but not listening to Piggy, who is the smartest. They instead bully him as he is fat.

Chapter 3:
Ralph and Simon are making huts on the beach for shelter at night. They are interrupted by Jack who has just returned from hunting. He asks something but is interrupted by a crash that is the hut falling down. Simon grins sheepishly and apologies. Jack asks again and is successful in asking if Ralph wants to join that nights hunt. Ralph refuses, the huts still on his mind. Simon sneaks off and finds a log in the forest and sits there. He comes up with some poetry about the scenery. This chapter was full of what I felt were unnecessary details that could have been left out from the book altogether. They may have some importance later in the book but at the moment  they feel unneeded.

Chapter 4:
Some of the ‘littluns’ are playing on the beach making sandcastles. Some of the older boys sneak up on them and destroy the castles. One ‘littlun’ runs away crying. A bigger boy follows him to the rockpools and starts throwing stones. Ralph comes by and spots a ship. They run back to the fire only to find that the fire has gone out and the choir people have gone hunting. Suddenly they emerge from the trees chanting: Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood. Ralph is still annoyed about the fire and tells Jack so. They cook the pig and Simon shares his pork with Piggy.  The chapter shows some pastimes of both groups of boys, the littluns and the bigger boys. It also confirms that  Jack and his choir are PSYCHOS. complete PSYCHOS. ‘Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood.’? Definitely a bunch of psychos.

Chapter 5:
Ralph calls a meeting with the conch. The others, including psychos the start to arrive and the meeting begins. Ralph is nervous and wants to get it over with. They are there to address the issue of the fire, but it quickly turns to the beast. The littlun called Percival tells the biguns and littluns about the beast. The group splits 2 ways: Ralph and the non-psychos and Jack and his psychos. Ralph wants the fire to keep going, whereas Jack wants to hunt the beast. The psychos run off and do a (psycho) dance on the beach then go to the huts. This was an interesting chapter and shows me 2 things: the beast and how deluded Jack is becoming.
The beast is most likely a dream, or an illusion, but with nuclear warfare going on, it could be anything. Jack and his psychos are definitely getting more deluded as time passes. First Jack wanted to be leader. Nothing wrong with that. Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood. Somewhat deluded and psycho. Wanting to hunt the beast and kill it? deluded to the max.

Chapter 6:
A parachute man is shot out of his plane. He dies and lands at the top of the mountain. the boys mistake him for the beast and hold a meeting. They decide to hunt it on the only place of the island they haven't explored yet: the mini island over the land bridge. Jack is in charge of the hunt. This chapter was interesting and leads up to unexpected levels. The dream of hunting the beast is taken from the dream world and is now a reality.

Chapter 7:
The boys go hunting and find a pig run and Ralph is excited because he has wounded a pig and then they find the beast (parachute man) on the mountain. They all run off with their tails between their legs. The parachute man is mistaken for a beast and the boys run. (sigh). If you are going to survive you need better vision than that. Should have gone to Specsavers.

Chapter 8:
The boys kill a pig (finally) and mount its head on a stick. They are suddenly scared and run to the beach, while Simon goes to his log with the “Lord of the Flies.” The beast speaks to Simon in his head and tells him the other boys will kill him then has a seizure. This chapter is quite revealing on the beast as it is imagination and cannot harm the boys. It also brings up more questions. Who is the Lord of the Flies? Will the boys kill Simon?

Chapter 9:
Simon is killed after he releases the parachute man and Ralph and Piggy and the other boys are catching up when he bursts out of the trees screaming about the parachute man. The others mistake him for a beast and beat… him… up. And he died. The boys are reunited (for now) and Simon come back from the log only to be killed by the others. Mistaking a boy for a beast. Should have gone to specsavers.

Chapter 10:
Jack and Ralph split into 2 groups: hunters and Ralphs 4 big boy and littluns. He lights a fire with Piggy’s glasses and is about to fall asleep when some of the hunters attack and steal Piggy’s glasses. In the confusion Ralph and Eric ( Guinea Pigs!!! ;-) ) pummel each other instead of the attackers. (Some very nasty shots get in.) The hunters are victorious and steal the glasses. The boys aren’t going to get a specsavers remark this time because it was night and the fire was out. But still, I would post a guard on the look out. They also thought it was ANOTHER beast. They saw 2 die, (supposedly) so how many are there? 3 beasts can’t hide for long. And on a ISLAND of all places!!! I’m going to go fume now.

Chapter 11:
The boys on Ralph's side go to Castle Rock to get Piggy’s glasses. They fight over them and Piggy makes a speech of peace. Roger releases a rock on the bridge. It hits Piggy and Kills him. ‘Stuff comes out of his head and turns red. He is washed away by the tide. This chapter was actually scary. The rock was alright but the death. It's not good. Does the author hate humans or something? Evil. And descriptive.

Chapter 12 - End of book:
The hunters do what they do best: hunt. Ralph is to be hunted and he runs. He hides in a bush, but the hunters set fire to it. They chase him through the shelters and he trips: over a Naval Officer. He prepares to beg for mercy as he discovers this, and he has a breakdown. The boys reunite and are rescued as the Officer saw the smoke. - end. This chapter is a weird one as they go. The boys are rescued - Ralph has a mental breakdown. The boys hunt him - They set the island on fire. I have enjoyed reading this book and think it was a good book. - End of summary.

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