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Monday, 8 June 2015

My poem about Armageddon

As armageddon is meant to be coming AGAIN I wrote a poem about the new reason for it.


By Joe Spillane

Armageddon's coming, this has happened before
Once again the world is believed to be at death's door.
On September 24 the world will go boom
Or so it is believed by those who went to the moon.

Armageddon’s coming, we are on high alert
Doom from above, like a speeding dart.
In only a few months, the bolder from above
We will shoot it down like an arrow in a dove.

Armageddons coming, we are preparing for a war
Against the deadly space rocks from the place’s core.
NASA is hoping with Illuminati strength
To destroy the rock as it tumbles at arms length.

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