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Friday, 14 August 2015

Book Character Description

Will Treaty
(Rangers Apprentice)

Will is a fun loving kid from the Kingdom Araluen. He is seventeen but has already faced much danger. He has skill with a recurve bow and is one of the best law enforcers in the kingdom. He has dark, curly hair, bright, brown eyes and an olive skin tone. The book unfolds to tell us that Will grows very close to his mentor, Halt, because he is an orphan.

He is and easy-going person who plays a lute and lives in a cabin in the woods. He has an awesome ability to fade into the background without a trace. He is smart and always has a solution to the problem at hand. The small orphan to the powerful ranger, Will has learned alot, and still has alot to do. The transformation to an amazing young law enforcer, Will has crammed alot of action into his small life.

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