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Monday, 7 September 2015

Book Reveiw

The Ranger's Apprentice Book 7

Erak’s Ransome, by John Flannagan, is a science fiction book set in the kingdom of Araluan, and is on the more realistic side of science fiction.

In the book, the Skandian (warrior/pirate tribe), Oberjarl (leader) has been captured and held for ransom. The rest of his crew come to Araluan for help. Will and Halt (Will’s teacher) go with them along with Princess Cassandra (or Evanlyn) to haggle the ransom price. After this happens, Halt and Evanlyn are captured and imprisoned as Will searches for his lost horse.

Dehydrated and lost, he is found by a travelling tribe who have his horse and he must race to get him back. He wins and with help from the tribe he frees Halt and Evanlyn as they are about to be executed. They then defeat the evil war leader and set Erak free.

What I thought was good about this book is that it had some intense moments and it left me wanting more. The book could also leave you hanging. Some bad things were that there was WAY too much talking in some parts. The areas shed light on some parts but are BORING.

The book’s theme was a realistic sifi and was a good read. There was no message I could see in the book. The books were actually written to encourage the authors son to enjoy reading, then it was sent off to a publisher and suddenly it was a book series. The author, like all the others, was trying to communicate, “Reading is Fun.”

I think that this book is a good read and would recommend it to anyone who like science fiction. The book had so many good parts and I rate it 8 ½ out of 10.

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