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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Bucketlist Writing


The plane that took us up was painted like a shark. The small air vessel was for parachuting purposes more than anything else and had a special door in the side to prove it. The door was the way we would exit the plane, 12,000ft in the air. The only thing between us and doom was a parachute…

As the plane seemingly rose, while in reality it was me falling. My stomach dropped and I let out a scream that  never reached my ears, never left my throat because of the lack of oxygen that comes with being 12,000ft up in the air. The plane soared overhead and I lost sight of it as I passed through the cloud and the chute released. Suddenly the speed ceased to a glide and I could heave a sigh of relief.

The descent was slow so I decided to take in the scenery. The land lay before me like a oil canvas. The mountains rose slowly and steadily as we fell, gliding up to meet us. The air was fresh and slowly I regained the ability to breath properly. Under the mountains, the trees seemingly shot up from the ground, like spears being thrown by a giant. Soon I landed, stumbled and fell as I regained my footing and the ground felt odd after being weightless for so long

As I looked at the videos from my GoPro, I was reminded of the rest of my Bucketlist. The video was inspiring, and I decided that I would complete the next item on my list, running with wolves. But the day for that would be soon. I would complete my list, one thing at a time. My list was big. I had a lifetime of adventure ahead of me!

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  1. great writing Joseph maybe next time you could try use show not tell and it would make sound even better but other wise awesome writing