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Monday, 16 May 2016

Catholic Schools Day

Yesterday was Catholic schools day. Our school, St Josephs (, was naturally a part of it. Our morning was all fun and games; literally! Some of the teacher were at a conference and us year 8's had to take some games for the smaller kids. Kaleb ( and I took a game called X-treme tic-tac-toe.
You have to set it up with 9 hula hoops in a 3x3 grid. then you have two teams with different colored bean bags. they then run out and put the bags in the hula hoops till they get 3 in a row. If they fail, once they use all their bags, they can run out and move them. It's more fun than it sounds. After that we had mass with St Kevins ( at the church. Me and Seth ( were on the projector. We had a couple of slip-ups, but other than that, we did well. After the mass we went home. It was a pretty good day. After all, who DOESN'T want to play games all morning?

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