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Monday, 30 May 2016

National Young Leaders Day 2016

This year, the year 8's at St. Joe's went to NYLD//16. It was in Dunedin, at the Town Hall. Our class sat near the back. It began at 9:30 in the morning, and it began. Our teacher, Mr C, nearly won a game. We listened to lots of motivational speakers, from 9:30-2:30. My favourite speaker was called Chris Jupp. Near the end we got to listen to a mini-concert by Avalanche City.

At the end we listened to a mini-concert by Avalanche City. There were two songs. (Not going to mention names for copyright reasons.) Another highlight was the humor that was inserted, SPECIFICALLY added for year 7's and 8's. We also had games. We had to do a Mexican wave, in specific orders. We had a game where we had to use a odometer. (Footstep measure) The goal was to make it go up as far as possible by using ONLY your head. Mr C had the top score of 79 in the qualifiers, but only got 51 in the final. The winner got 53.
Lessons learned:
My favourite lesson was from Chris Jupp. The message was of social acceptance. He told us about a time when he found a man on the street. His name was James. He started talking to him and slowly made James smile. They helped him find his laugh again, and made him happy.

This has been my NYLD experience. Hopefully you get a chance to go to it as well. You'll enjoy it, so ask your teacher today!
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