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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Titles of Jesus

Titles of Jesus - Week 7

What titles of Jesus do we know? List all the Titles you know, add to this list when we share as a class

Messiah, Son of Man, Jesus, Lord, God, Son of the Lord, Prophet, Healer,  Savior, rabbi, light.

Why do you think there are different titles for Jesus?

Because they represent the different things Jesus did in his time on earth. Also some are the things people like Elijah told the people that he would be.

Complete this table:

Scripture Reference
‘I am’ Title of Jesus
What the title means
John 6:35
the bread of life
that Jesus feeds people through the Eucharist and gives them energy through God.
John 8:12
Light of the world.
That he lights our way down the path of God.
John 10:7
Door of sheep
That he is the shepherd and we are the sheep.
John 10:11
The good Shepherd
That he is the shepherd and we are the sheep That he protects.
John 10:36
Son of God
He was born from the father to spread the good news and break the power of sin.
John 11:25
The resurrection
He rose from the dead. (On the sabbath day.)
John 14:6
The Truth and The Life
He is the one to follow for eternal life.
John 15:1
The True Vine
He is the fruitful vine to pick fruit from.

Design a number plate for one of the title for Jesus - remember you only have 6 letters/numbers. Publish for wall display and few sentences on your blog about the name you choose and what it means.


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