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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

TYPHOON!!! (Caritas Responce)

In 2013, November the 7th, a typhoon warning was issued to the Visayas region in the philippines. A large typhoon was headed to land in at least 12 hours. Because it was given a girl name, Haiyan, the people didn’t think it was going to be as big as it was. It was the largest typhoon EVER RECORDED to hit land. The typhoon was estimated to have wind speeds of 185 k/h. It was actually 348 k/h. It hit on the 8th of november and flooded the streets, shattered windows and killed 6340. The island was devastated. Super typhoon haiyan destroyed everything.

Caritas responded quickly and raised money to help them. They flew to the islands taking supplies, tools and health kits with them. They cleaned up the mess and helped to repair houses that could be fixed and set up tarpaulins for the homeless. Caritas helped clean up after the typhoon.

Houses were rebuilt using fallen coconut trees wood. People began to regrow their food and crops with seeds from Caritas. Some shops were re-opened. Things such as garlic, sausages, oil and milo were sold. (So they didn’t have houses but they had milo. Even when helpless adults still worry about their hot drink in the morning.)

Caritas helped reduce the typhoon’s impact and decided to help reduce future impact. Houses were tied down with metal straps, stronger water pipes were put in place, food storage was built and an new typhoon shelter was built. Some glass house were built and sheltered crops. Stronger glass was installed and many people grew their own crops. EVERYONE now had their own taps outside their house.

The Visayas region is now ready for another typhoon. They have a new typhoon shelter, improved water storage and pipes and know what to do next time. This may have been a tragedy, but it was also an opportunity to learn what to do, especially surviving the biggest typhoon ever to hit land.

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